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Benmark Resources S.L. provides full lifecycle maintenance and management solutions for most of our clients following the successful deployment of a software application. However, many clients choose to have a greater level of control over their solutions and desire in-house teams to take management responsibility. To ensure that consistency in the upkeep and running of newly implemented applications is achieved, our developers have created a bespoke content management system (CMS) that has been specifically designed to offer user-friendly and flexible enterprise functions.

In layman’s terms, CMS is a set of procedures that focus on the management and production of workflows. A well-designed application will offer website authorisation and administration tools for the creation, editing, publishing, and distribution of content at times that suit the user. Each function should have detailed reporting and data analytic capabilities to support specific functions and goals of an organisation.

A creatively designed and intuitive CMS will allow its users to perform functions that would ordinarily require the knowledge of coding to amend or modify content using a WYSIWYG interface. However, with our bespoke CMS, it has never been easier to change text and images, ensuring the hard work that went into creating a website is maintained. When internal teams can update a website with their latest content to communicate the exciting developments within a brand or its new product and services, a unilateral sense of responsibility and pride can be cultivated.

Over the years our developers have tested numerous, off-the-shelf CMS systems, however, never identified one that has the capacity to complement our website builds. This is why we decided to create our own; a move that has been beneficial for the peace of mind of our clients. Bespoke CMS also provides maximum security coverage and resolves the threat of security issues that often arise from deploying open-source software with third-party plugins.

With the ability to access and share data from any repository via any device, bespoke CMS is the obvious choice for the modern business. The adaptiveness of artificial intelligence capabilities that are metadata-driven will support the continued automatisation of business processes and workflows, now and in the future.

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Our Content Management System (CMS) services include:

Bespoke CMS

Content hub

Reporting & insight

Campaign creation

Whitepaper creation

Web page templates

Content planning

Live editing

Task management

Roles & permissions

Agility and robustness are at the heart of our software design, whilst our programming capabilities have been built on a foundation of tested practices and past project success. Though each of our developments aims to meet client deadlines, we never risk the roll-out stage until rigorous testing has been carried out to identify possible weaknesses and risks. A focus on pre-roll out not only minimises the possibility of future down time, it leads to a responsive and high quality software solution that works for our clients.

No matter the size of a development we promise to never compromise on:



Cost Efficiency

Quality Assurance


Technical Excellence

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We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

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