Enterprise application integration (EAI)

Enterprise application integration (EAI) combines the principles of software and computing architectures, leading to the integration of a set of computer applications. In today’s technology-driven world, most organisations work with multiple applications that are often driven by singular functionality needs. The reliance on multiple devices can lead to data accumulation and duplication. Data is a valuable commodity that must be effectively stored and managed to utilise the benefits it offers, and data floating between multiple platforms and devices does little to harness its potential.

As with DevOps, the need for departments to effectively collaborate has never been so important. A unilateral understanding of workflows and processes is essential for the effective movement of data between departments. EAI creates the infrastructure to allow system to system communication, so each department has a full view of the data that is held amongst them. For example, in the creation of a new product for market release, a manufacturing department must have a detailed understanding of its component spend and this information would be held within the accounts department.

Each department can make wiser decisions based on historic data workflows, which can be accessed by authorised users between divisions. Real-time reporting functions protect against duplicate work efforts and leads to improved productivity, streamlined processes, and improved communications between business-critical platforms.

There are numerous advantages to implementing a professionally developed EAI, from enhanced cloud data integration through to improved customer service levels, leading to long term benefits that support ROI and process automisation.

Using the services of a professional consultancy for such project implementation is always advisable in order to minimise risks that arise from the adoption of new technologies. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in overcoming the most complex challenges.

During our primary consultancy stages, we take the time to understand the objectives our clients wish to achieve and identify KPIs before the production of a blueprint for implementation. We carry out rigorous priority and scenario testing ahead of deployment to ensure a seamless integration is achieved with minimal disruption to a business. Each of our EAI’s has been designed with scalability and flexibility in mind and can support our clients as their business grows and their market needs change over time.

Our Enterprise application integration (EAI) services include:

Integration consultancy

Strategy planning

Testing & bug fixing

Scenario planning

DevOps development

Automated processes

Data transfer

SAP integration

Omnichannel integration

Data centre hub

Agility and robustness are at the heart of our software design, whilst our programming capabilities have been built on a foundation of tested practices and past project success. Though each of our developments aims to meet client deadlines, we never risk the roll-out stage until rigorous testing has been carried out to identify possible weaknesses and risks. A focus on pre-roll out not only minimises the possibility of future down time, it leads to a responsive and high quality software solution that works for our clients.

No matter the size of a development we promise to never compromise on:



Cost Efficiency

Quality Assurance


Technical Excellence

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We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

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