DevOps as a service

DevOps has grown in popularity over the years due to an increased focus on interdisciplinary ways of working that support collaboration between departments. It makes perfect sense to capitalise on DevOps for the benefits it offers to interdepartmental cooperation.

In basic terms, DevOps is the collaboration between operations and development: a partnership that has been designed to streamline and unify processes. DevOps supports the wider objectives of a product release by focusing on how the newly implemented solution affects all departments, rather than how departments individually interact with a process. This wider scope supports increased synchronicity and streamlined workflows across the entire organisation. Understanding the repetition of a process will help to identify a set of outcomes for the creation of standard operating procedures that can be mirrored across all departments and minimise the duplication of work.

DevOps allows for the division of tasks across departments whilst feeding information back into the wider project, leading to faster and more responsive deployments, as multiple projects can be simultaneously developed. DevOps is an excellent choice for any organisation who is working with time constraints and needs to launch a project or software feature quickly. Less time is spent on the development to deployment stage and leads to universal efficiencies across an entire organisation.

Our consultants adhere to DevOps principles during our projects and aim to change the mindset between development and operations when implementing a client’s project. Through the successful integration of department workflows, improved team collaboration, automated infrastructures, and processes can be achieved and lead to improved application performance.

We take the time to understand the individual requirements of our clients so that new code and infrastructure provisions can be developed to support business needs and software environments. From testing through to deployment, we rigorously capture data to understand how it is performing against objectives; a necessary stage to support the creation of an intuitive product that responds to market needs. We have gained years of experience working on often complex projects for clients around the world and have built a strong development team along the way. Our consultants have a nuanced understanding of writing configuration-management code within large-scale software environments.

Through the establishment of DevOps practices, we replicate an environment that supports the customer experience and improves the development-to-market journey of our client’s products, leading to improved ROI and competitive advantage.

Our DevOps services include:

DevOps consulting

DevOps configuration

DevOps automation

Testing & bug fixing

Back-up & recovery

Training solutions

Systems integration

Agility and robustness are at the heart of our software design, whilst our programming capabilities have been built on a foundation of tested practices and past project success. Though each of our developments aims to meet client deadlines, we never risk the roll-out stage until rigorous testing has been carried out to identify possible weaknesses and risks. A focus on pre-roll out not only minimises the possibility of future down time, it leads to a responsive and high quality software solution that works for our clients.

No matter the size of a development we promise to never compromise on:



Cost Efficiency

Quality Assurance


Technical Excellence

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We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

We have a team of dedicated support professionals on hand and ready to take enquiries regarding any of our products or services.

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